08505322064 Cessation Line

08505322064 with the tape recorder calling:

"The Ministry of Health supports quitting smoking", but this number has nothing to do with the Ministry of Health. He uses the name of the Ministry of Health to gain your confidence.

"Press 1 to get free cigarette cessation product."

If you dial the number 1 on the phone, a real operator will want to call you and get your home address within 10 minutes.

Although they submit that they send you free products, they demand money under the name of 19.TL Cargo money.

08505322064 phone scammer is number one. Certainly do not buy products from this phone. Do not send money in any way. Although they say that they sell herbal products, often occupied their phones and there is no official company that you will find as an interlocutor.

After pressing the

1 key, the numbers that call you back will not have any firm phone, but there will be replaced lines as follows, even this process clearly shows the size of fraud:

Some of the back -looking numbers:


Telefonla rahatsızlık veren firmalar

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