What should we pay attention to while fasting

The easiest way to prepare ourselves for Ramadan is to prepare the stomach for the day by halving the eaten foods for the day.

Fasting is very useful in terms of health as well as malnutrition and inadequate fluid consumption can be in danger when the person's life is in danger. Especially one who feels a lot of liquid needs can be more difficult on these hot days. For example, 2 hours after consuming cucumbers, the most important aspect of preparing ourselves is to maintain the balance of the body. The most important aspect of preparing ourselves is to protect the balance of the body. , White cheese, eggs with foods such as vitamins and mineral properties should be consumed. When he knows that he is without fasting, he may want to throw something in his mouth at the moment. One of the most said words of recent times is less and frequent food, but when preparing fasting, frequent food should be avoided.

The only way to prepare the body of cardiologists for fasting is not to be defeated by lunch by lowering the meals to 2.

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