Is there God

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Is there God? Where is God

The name of Allah is a known name according to the Islamic religion, and God is the name of ancient Turkish societies.

God in Islam

If you ask a mosque imam, "Is there God" he will say, "Absolutely Allah". Because it would be ridiculous for him to give a different answer because this was his profession. If you believe in the religion of Islam, there is not much to ask you around, because an average Muslim is surprised by this question and reacts by saying, "Of course there is God, if you do not repent, you will be multiplied." However, nobody has been multiplied by asking questions.

The first rule of Islam is to believe in the existence and only of Allah. But asking where he is, if he loves us, he kills us? However, every person asks questions and investigates what they are curious about.

To understand the existence of God, look at the beauties around you and think of the possibility of being on your own. Considering the possibility that a great meteorite hit the world that has been returning to the world for millions of years, and question them to yourself before embracing any religious book. When you say, "Is there God or not?" "The world has been returning for thousands of years and why does a meteorite not hit", why a epidemic does not catch all people and consume human generation.

Don't hesitate to ask, but more importantly, investigate and question everything. Don't believe everything you hear. Before he believes what you hear from an imam, is he in the Holy Quran he said? is not there ? investigate. When you read that you will see that some of the rules accepted in the society do not even have the holy book.

If you want to investigate a few interesting questions:
1- Is it a sin for women to go to Friday prayer?
2- Hz. How old was Ebubekir circumcision?
3- Hz. How many wives did Muhammet have?
4- Hz. How old Ayşe got married

Jesus Christ in Christianity

If you ask a church priest, "Is there God," he will give you the answer, "God, but his name is known as Jesus Christ". Christians believe in the holy trilogy. Creator, his son Jesus and his mother, Mary. Hz. Mary, even though he did not marry, because he has a son, Christians believe that he is the son of the creator. In other words, the belief that Muslims say "Jesus is a prophet" is known in the Christian world as "the son of Allah".

God in the middle asia

The concept of God in ancient Turks is similar to the concept of Allah, but there is no concept of prophet in the Turks. Known for thousands of years, sky God is the only creator and does not need any ambassador. The Turks believe in God, but they do not think of doing various worship for him. There is God, and when he prayed in the sky, the Turks raise their faces. Blue beads removes evil and is a sign of God.

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