What is marriage

Marriage is like being someone you love when you go to a high mountain. The journey is difficult, but there are flowers and beauties to be seen, in this case one behaves in two ways:

1- The person who knows how to have fun: No matter how tired along the way he sees the beauties, he shares his happiness with the person he loves.

2- The person who does not know how to have fun: As he gets tired, he starts to whimper and get angry. The person who acts in this way is angry with the one next to him. He calls the person he loves the mistake.

However, life is never easy and fun. There are always troubles, livelihood shortage begins, your relatives die, diseases come. If you just think about them and put yourself and your side, marriage becomes meaningless and divorce is seen as a solution. When the divorced person continues with someone else, he thinks that the problems will end and life will be better.

However, marriage is beautiful for a few months called "Çicim Months". During this period, a person does not see problems like drunks, and when the problem comes out, he thinks of the person he loves instead of stress and ignores the problems. He thinks that all kinds of problems will be overcome together. But when time progresses and seeing that the problems are not over, he behaves according to one of the two options I mentioned above.

Marriage is to have someone to withstand the problems. Watch out: It is not a guilty of the problems next to it, it is like a friend to support you in problems. And he's more than a friend. At work; This is called marriage.

If you are looking for someone who will make you happy, it is wrong to get married, and no one can make it happy with forcing. You need to call the person you need to call and support you. Everyone is already good on beautiful days, the person to be married is the person who is with you in difficult times.

Try to choose from the people around you and the people you know for marriage, marriage sites are also useful, but it is a bit risky to marry someone from another city that no relatives or friends do not know. When you become friends from the internet, you must first get to know your lover and know how much it value you.

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