White discharge in young girls is a harbinger of any infection.

If the color of the current is transparent, it is usually a discharge that depends on cold. If the current is not transparent, it is white, this mushroom infection begins. If you are experiencing a discharge, we recommend that you consult a gynecologist. . If you are experiencing the relationship, you should specify this to the doctor. You will help you according to the situation you have found. >

Ways of Vaginal Mushroom Protection

1) Not to wear anyone's underwear.

2) Not cleaning with soap or shampoo

3) No one else's epilator or razor should not be used.

4) Not to sit down where someone else is sitting.

5) Cleaning and sitting in the baths or saunas.

6) Not to use the toilets that are open to everyone as much as possible.

7) Wearing your underwear by ironing at high temperature.

8) You should prefer cotton underwear.

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