Does it multiply when it explodes acne

Acne s especially in adolescence as they play or explode as they play or explode inflammatory viruses.

To get rid of acne as it is thought to get rid of it is not to get rid of. In order to get rid of civilians completely, we have to use detmotological creams or apply herbal solutions. As we play, the virus that proliferates as they play and emit their microbe with millimeter jumps. When we look at the pimples when we stuck and explode. The face is completely wiped out with salt water, which is the most natural way to get rid of it. Lemon juice is then applied on pimples with cotton buffer. The acid in thelim is the most natural chemical solution that can be used to use acid acne. Almost all of them consist of chemicals. Practice a chemical mixture on the surface of the surface is never recommended even if it is a definite solution to get rid of acne.

We recommend you to apply a completely natural and herbal cream at home to get rid of acne.

Herbal Cream to get rid of acne


3 cups of rose water

2 medium -sized apple grated

half a coffee cup fennel

half a coffee cup grated celery

2 tablespoons barley flour

3 eggs only flux

Half tablespoons Lanolin


In a large bowl of boiling rose water is placed in a large bowl. All the ingredients are placed in the row. Crushed thin wire strainer. The mixture of cream is put in a container with a lid and only pimples. Posa is thrown into the trash.

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