Why is the color of the wedding dress white

In ancient times, the color of wedding gowns was yellow. In the Middle Ages, he used different colors without much emphasis on the color. It was important that the fabric was flashy. Everyone was wearing their most beautiful clothes while getting married, and the color changed according to everyone's personal preference.

The widespread of the white wedding dress tradition was in the 16th century. During this period, the royal family brides consisted of silver colors close to white. Queen Victoria refused to wear a silver wedding dress and wore a white wedding dress. According to the morality of that period, the virginity was an indispensable condition of marriage. Wearing white clothes while getting married is a way for young girls to declare their virginity to the public. Starting from here, a widow wears a slightly broken white or ekuri wedding dress instead of white while getting married.

According to an ancient belief from the Ottoman Empire; The wedding dress shows the cleanliness of a girl and a girl enters her husband's house with a white wedding dress, but when she dies, she comes out with a white shroud. Buddha gives the message that marriage will last until it dies.

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