What are shampoo and care recommendations for oily hair

Lubrication of hair usually causes your hair to be much healthier. Do not worry that you have such a kind of hair, even if you are bored of your hair very quickly.

Experts say that the hair should not be washed frequently, the hair is the greatest feeder's own oil. Thus, if we think that the greasy hair feeds itself, you can realize how lucky you are. If you have it every day, we recommend that you do not wash your hair.

Recommendations for oily hair

1. Wash with no cruel shampoos

2nd care creams only to the end of the hair.

3. Not to enter the environment where the smoke is located.

4. Not taking your hand to your hair.

5. Not to use unrecognized and unrecognized shampoos.

Chemical Shampoos

In all shampoos, there are little chemical additives. Since such shampoos carry too much harmful chemicals, it is not recommended to be used even in house cleaning. Moreover, it is not recommended to apply it to your hair.

Causes of Lubrication of Hair

* Genetic

* Stress

* Consuming oily foods

* Using shampoo that is not suitable for hair type

* Air pollution

* cigarette smoke

* Playing with hair

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