Which foods that keep satiated in sahur

When fasting, sahur must be done. Considering that it will be hungry for about 17 hours in this long summer periods, the sahur must definitely be done.

You should not consume foods that you need to feel too much water in the sahur. Especially drinking 1 cup of milk is recommended. It is highly recommended. It increases the feeling of satiety. It will be hungry and the body will not be sluggish, especially in protein -rich foods are consumed and carbohydrate foods should be avoided quickly. Foods, which are rich in protein in sahur, are foods rich in protein and will reduce the feeling of hunger. Sahur in the pastry, donuts or fatty pastries should never be consumed. In addition, such greasy foods will disturb you throughout the day by disturbing the stomach and increase your feeling of hunger. vegetables such as cucumbers should not be missing from the tables such as cucumbers. Olive consumption should be taken care of in terms of salt. Consuming more than 4-5 olives in theselves is a sign that thirst will be drawn all day long.

Iftar and sahur will be increased by increasing the consumption of fluids will be felt less thirst throughout the day. Instead of white bread, especially when you consume whole wheat or rye bread, we would like to point out that the feeling of satiety will increase in the stomach.

Oruç tutarken sahurda yenmesi gereken tok tutacak besinler nelerdir

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