Making raw meatball recipe

meatless and meatless raw meatballs are divided into two as meatless raw meatballs are usually the choice of vegetarians, as well as the raw meatball shops opened today are the flavor of the flavor of meatless meatless meatballs.

When the first met with raw meatballs is not meantless raw meatballs.

Raw meatball recipe with meat


Half kg ground beef should be lean without two -three times

1000 g thin bulgur

4 onions

3 garlic

6 Tomatoes

250 g of tomato paste




pomegranate sour

All the spices are optional


Onion, garlic, bulgur, all spices, tomatoes, tomato paste all together around 30 minutes kneaded mixture of kneaded by adding the minced meat by adding the ground beef. Depending on dryness and hardness, adding oil and tomato grater is adjusted to the hardness of softness.

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