Eyebrows at home

First of all, it is of great benefit to get your eyebrow to a specialist, your own eyebrows may not stand well as a result of novice or a number of mistakes, it may have been taken incorrectly. Eyebrows for those who say that I will take my own scratch.

How to get eyebrows?

Putting your eyebrows up together, gather together, if your eyebrows are long, bring it to normal size with a small scissors. Determine the middle of your eyebrow with a pen, hold your pen in front of your pupil. Determine the eyebrows you will get with a white pencil, the white pen stops dark on the eyebrow and provides convenience when taking your eyebrows. You should always get your excess feathers in white with tweezers.

Below are a few simple taking video lessons. Follow and learn how to do it yourself. When you apply the eyebrow over and over again, you will specialize in beauty .

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