How to make personal care?

Personal Care; It is the importance that one gives to himself for his self -esteem. Our personal care family and friends are an important factor in the relationships we have established with all our environment. Women are more fond of their personal care than men.

Personal Care Types

  • Hand and foot care
  • Body Care
  • Hair Care
  • Oral and dental care
  • get rid of excess hairs

Hand and foot care

Hand and foot care is a significant factor in a personal sense. Nails on our hands and feet should be cut regularly every week. Our organs that we use most during the day are our hands, we always need to pay attention to care, ladies can extend their nails, but they should keep them smooth and clean. Since we are in constant contact with our hands, we should wash it regularly. We should wash our feet, which stands in shoes all day long. It is also useful to use specially produced hand and foot care creams before going to bed every day. If you are a beginner in matters such as manicure and pedicure, you can go to the beauty center or skin care company.

Body Care

The most important point for body care is to take a bath regularly. You can use specially manufactured body care lotions during the bath. You can provide a pleasant smell to your body with beautiful fragrant shower gels.

Hair Care

For hair care regularly wash our hair. What we use during the day; Chemicals such as jelly, biryantin, a few hours later, do not stand badly in the hair, causing strange and bad smells by grabing dust smoke and damaging hair in the hair.

Oral and dental care

The bad smell of your mouth will provide you with a bad image in your dialogues, if you do not want to face such a situation, you should brush your teeth regularly every day. Normally, it is recommended to brush your teeth 3 times a day, but if you have the possibility, you should brush your teeth after consuming sweet foods after each meal. You should choose a good brush and toothpaste to brush teeth, and you should use dental floss for residues that may remain between the tooth.

Clothing Care

Daily clothes you wear in your first opinion is a symbol of the image you will give you to keep your clothes clean. You must wash the clothes you wear and iron for a better image.

Getting rid of feathers

One of the important stages of personal care is to get rid of excess hairs. Especially for nasal hairs and excess hairs on your face will increase your beauty. You can do this in a beauty center or skin care center.

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