What to do on Friday

According to the belief of Muslims on Friday religious feast.

On Friday, all Muslims were washed and wearing the cleanest outfit and wearing the Friday prayer. Although most people are working on the day, Friday time is usually during the full lunch break. It is a great reward to visit the grave on the day. .

Things to do on Friday

1) Washing and being clean

2) Taking up the ablution

3) The Holy Quran Okumuak

4) Bring salad eighty times.

5) To be in your grave visit

6) The peace of the people on Friday

7) Beautiful smell crawl

8) Cutting your nails

Rosary to be shot on Friday

Sübhanellahi vel Hamdü lillahi and la ilahe illellahü vallahü ü Akbar and la havle and la force illa billahil aliyyil aziym (100 times)

La ilahe illa ente ya Hannanu, or mennanu, or Bedias-semavati vel ard, Yazel Celali and `l catering

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