Documents required for green passport

Green Passport Provincial Police Departments are given from the Passport Branch Directorate. Only those under the age of 7 cannot apply themselves.

Fingerprints are taken for all applications (7 years of age) who will receive a green passport. Fingerprints of people who have previously been fingerprints in the police directorates are not re -received again.

TBBM all members, including former members, former ministers can get green passports. 1, 2 and 3 of civil servants who work in these degrees and retired in these degrees, retired pouchs working without the equivalent of the staff 1.2 and 3rd degree by cutting out of the Republic of the Republic of Turkey, during the working period of the Metropolitan province, district and 1st degree mayors, mayors, TC Ziraat Bank, Halk Bank and Real Estate Bank employees, which are included in the scope of privatization and privatized, can be given to the wives of the people who can get green passports with private stamped green passports, the people who died and died.

Green passport is facilitating travels in America and Europe, overseas holiday and tourism transactions are handled faster than normal citizen. Green passport and similar features of the gray passport shows that the person concerned is a civil servant or university employee.

Green passport procedures are made to the Provincial Police Department.

Kimler yeşil pasaport alabilir

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