What to do for wedding preparation

With the arrival of spring and the aging of summer, it increases at weddings.

Preparation for the wedding is double -sided preparations for the girl's side and the boys' side are made separately. Kitchen utensils identified as the preparation of the dowry, the kitchen utensils room sets room sets, bathroom sets give priority to the dowry to meet the general need. Gold to be worn in the seating white goods seating groups for the living room teams enter into a slightly higher dowry preparation than the girl's side. It is seen that the payments will be together after marrying their payments. Towards the end of 1990s, the male families who are in the wedding yapacal are seen as much more lucky. Wedding exchange in couples who got married before 1990 is only on the shoulders of the man.

Wedding preparations vary according to the customs of each region, even from the beginning of the early 2000s to marry the girls to marry the boys. Especially today, even the gold that the male will be paid by girls as a debt.

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