Short love words

Love is not to remember the song playing in the background in our first kiss.

Love is to steal flowers together and fear and run like children.

Love is to see his destiny when he looks into his eyes.

Love is to feel as if it will come out of the heart when you put his head on his chest.

Love is the tremor of the inside when he embraces him.

Love is to remember his smell no matter how far he goes.

Love is to know that he is crazy even when he says "I hate you".

Love is to be as happy as a child while with him.

Love is a good feeling like Istanbul.

Love is to watch the Bosphorus together.

Love is to drink without it.

Love is to be one body in two separate me.

Love is to see him in your dream every night.

Love is to multiply with it and disappear with it.

Love is forgetting the past and thinking about the future.

Love is to know that you are until end.

Love is even thinking about dying for him.

Love is suffering.

Love is to be happy even for the pain taken for him.

Love is to want to know every memory.

Love is to take the temperature of your skin from one meter.

Love is to see a nightmare every night when he sleeps alone.

love, love lyrics, love songs are to memorize.

Love is to be afraid of being without loneliness but without it.

Love is to trust him more than anyone else.

Love is to believe in him more than his family.

Love is walking in the void when you walk alone.

Love is to live in a world that is no one else.

Love is to have found the only asset in the world.

Love is only to have good feelings.

Love is to resist everyone.

Love is to feel even if it is not.

Love is to share hard moments.

Love is to draw the continuation of fate together.

Love is always to give up and return.

Love is to call it with a broken heart.

Love is to tremble with voice tone.

Love is taking pictures in the same frame and not knowing where it is.

Love is the smell of perfumes in sweat.

Love is the clouds down to the ground.

Love is to be jealous of everyone and everything.

Love is a mountain of love like a steel that does not rust even after years.

Love is to have a lifetime in their hands.

Love is to believe that even fate will be.

Love is a pain that reminds him in every drop.

Love is the sun at night, the day is fire.

Love is not found when you call, it is indispensable when you find it.

Love is to be able to say "only you". Love is to write words.

Love is to be two people in the universe.

Love is a grown state of love a thousand times.

Love is the only person in two bodies.

Love is to believe that angels are disguised as human.

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