How is the baby?

Baby is made with love, is enlarged with love.

It is necessary to get married before making a baby.

After marriage, the mother and father meet with the doctor in the hospital and learn the information necessary to make a baby.

After meeting with the doctor: Mother and father performs the necessary procedures and like a tiny seed in the mother's belly, the baby is formed.

The baby, which is up to a lentil grain, grows for 9 months and then the mother and father go back to the hospital. After that, your parents return home with a baby in his lap.

A man who wants to have a baby must have grown up to beard and mustache. It should be at least 17 years old to happen.

A girl who wants to have a baby should be shaped and grew. This age is smaller in girls, but it should exceed at least 16 years of age.

When they have trouble making a baby, they meet with the doctor again and IVF called a baby in a completely hospital called.

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