What does conjuncture mean

The word conjuncture is a technical word that has passed from French to our language.

To specify changes in general use, the word conjuncture is used. Those who do not know how to read are conjuncctor by saying. It is used to express the fluctuation, descent and rise in the economy in economic issues. Saying in the form of conjuncturer or conjunctivist means similar meanings.

Intellectual personalities exhibit a charismatic stance by saying "general situation" to look more charismatic. If you want to look multicultural, you can call Turkey conjuncture instead of "the status of today's Turkey".

even exaggerated and talk to your valentine: My love, our relationship is developing outside my expectations of the conjuncture.

We can give more detailed examples:

pessimistic conjuncture: The course is bad, there is fluctuation, but it always goes down.

optimistic conjuncture: The course is generally good. fluctuating upwards.

conjuncture `s movements are;

Recovery conjuncture,
rise (boom conjuncture),
crisis (Crisis conjuncture)
Stagnation (depression conjuncture)


conjuncture as a dictionary:

1. The economy is called conjuncture to make an estimation for the future by taking advantage of objective situations socially and politically.

2. All of the elements that determine the economic situation of a country are called conjuncture.

Conjuncture is said in English: Conjuncture.

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