Why is fortune sin?

Falcism and witchcraft are not exactly the same, but are very close to each other. Magic is a great sin. All kinds of fortunes are completely superstition. There are even many verses about fortune -telling and witchcraft in the holy book.

To deal with magic and magic works, magic and magic have been described as great sin in the holy book. However, in exchange for the spell made to someone who is spent, he does not demand anything and break for the sake of Allah.

A few hadiths about fortune and witchcraft.

1. Who believes in what the magician says, does not believe the Holy Quran. (Taberani)

2. Forty, even if the fortune -telling does not believe, forty days of prayer will not be accepted. (Muslim)

3. It is not from us who makes and believes and believes in them. (Bezzar)

Fal günah mıdır? Falcılık ve büyücülük aynı şey midir?

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