What to do in the month of Saferi

The month of the month is the most blessed of the Hijri months. The first is the month of Muharram.

There are certain months and certain nights that need to be respected in Islam. It is recommended to read. Especially the rosaries taken this month should be increased, the prayers read should be frequent.

Prayer to be performed in the month of the expedition

You can make as much prayer as you want.


17 Kevser Surah after Fatiha


in rak'ah

5 after Fatiha?


in rak'ah

1 after Fatiha, 1 Surah of Felak


After Fatiha, read 1 Surah Nas and greetings.

Also called 7 times. Then the hands are removed and read 11 times salat-ı münciye.

Two rak'ahs should be performed on the last Wednesday night of the expedition.

Saferi ayı ne demektir

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