What is the meaning of the words of good deed and sin

reward and sin s are changing according to their beliefs what people have done throughout their lives.

According to the belief of someone who has a Muslim belief, complying with the commandments of Allah is forbidden to do what is forbidden by Allah . When you behave as a person like a person who wants to give you a good deeds of the mikafatler. The opposite is the opposite of God does not want by doing the forbidden things that Allah will give us the punishments of God against the punishments of the Hereafter.

What are the biggest deeds?

1) Save people's lives

2) To be a person.

3) If he has a financial situation to look at a child without a family, adoption

4) Human spending for his family.

5) Helping the elderly, disabled people

6) If there is support the poor, children in the school age to read them.

7) To believe.

8) Reading the Quran to teach the Qur'an

9) To protect the property of someone else as well as his own goods.

10) To make 5 time prayer on time.

What are the greatest sins?

1) To deny God.

2) Unjustly taking someone's life.

3) Speaking

4) Making adultery

5) Being rebellious to parents.

6) Not giving your property zakat

7) Burning live animals on fire.

8) To make you

9) Being arrogant, seeing yourself superior

10) to commit suicide.

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