Is kissing my lover sin

The first kiss, the first love is said to be one of the most special moments of people. Do you think the first kiss is so special? Or the first thing that makes the kiss special is the moment you live?

How to kiss video narration.

The first kiss is written on behalf of a lot of poems, articles, even stories. If we come to the question, this is according to your religious belief. According to the Muslim belief, a woman is forbidden to a man. Time is a behavior that can not be blocked. You can not plan to prize I can not think of something like kissing this time. It is a very difficult possibility that someone who says that I have never kissed in my day and I have never kissed. This does not mean that every man is kissed.

No matter how much you condition yourself, no matter how much I say I never kiss. If you have a lover, it comes at that moment and eliminates all your conditions. You shouldn't let you have no lover until you get married to avoid sin.

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