Valentine's Day SMS Messages

The most beautiful words and sms messages you will tell your love on Valentine's Day.

Roses tell you my love for you, roses tell my loneliness, my desperation, my gradual hearts to my heart, my love for you, my love for your day.

You have become the sultan of my heart to the throne, my star shining in the night sky, and the sun in my soul in the morning. Happy birthday.

The only desire in my heart, the only passion in my dream, the only feeling that makes me live, baby. I congratulate the day of love, many more years.

I am willing to live all the seasons in one day, all the years in a season.

people I knew stars were all shining. I chose you the sun I gave up thousands of stars for a sun.

Today I said that I would do something different from usamank.

Your eyes in my eyes, your hands in my hands, love inside me and as long as the soul is in my body.

There are comet stars to the world every 70 years, people come to their lives perhaps once they see, I saw that star you are the room. Happy Valentine's Day, my dear.

You are an angel exiled to the world and I will love you so much that you will not want to go back to heaven again.

The sands in the sea, the stars in the sky, the trees in the forest, the people in the world, the waters in the ocean and the lights of the sun.

not enough to guess you, I love you as much as you can not tolerate.

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