How to cigarette cigarette

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How can I quit smoking

First of all, to quit smoking, the person must decide within himself. There is no obstacle to the person after himself.

We can stop smoking if we move with diligent, determined and self -esteem. We need to erase smoking from our minds, for this, avoiding smoking places, can easily leave smoking by not thinking. It is very difficult to quit smoking if you sit in game rooms and coffeehouses with your friends who offer you cigarettes. More than all of your friends, you can get the feeling that you are humiliated. However, you are doing a useful job for those around you and your health.

In your life, you should also reduce stress -creating situations as well as erase smoking. Because a stressful life will harm you more than smoking.

also has scientific treatment. You can get help from the Ministry of Health Cessation Line 171. You can quit smoking with sessions applied in hospitals.

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