Damages of athlete nutrients

Athlete nutrients are protein or carbohydrate support used by bodybuilders, and these nutrients are also known as steroids. Athlete foods are not harmful when the food is balanced and regularly. But as in all matters, even natural athletes who are taken over and unstable can be harmful.

During bodybuilding, the body loses much energy, if protein and energy support starts to spend the fat in the body first, and when the fat is finished, it starts to melt proteins (ie muscles). For this reason, the bodybuilding muscle, which is not supported in some way, makes neirne weakness.

If the athlete nutrients seem harmful to you or you are not sure of the content, you should replace natural protein support. For example, you should take 3 eggs in the morning, honey or molasses before sports, foods such as meat and broth after sports. Do not forget to consume plenty of fruits, if possible, take natural fruits and squeeze your own juice, consume plenty.

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