How can I be rich in the shortest way

If you are lucky, we would go and play a chance of chance and win immediately and you would be rich, but you would be rich, but without doing anything, pear cook is not rich in falling into my mouth.

Some people are born as lucky and rich. Those who are rich in the family are already lucky. It means that the ignorance remains rich before education is completed. Being creative means being open to innovations or something new to produce new ideas or something new. Someone who is open to lovers can not fail. You can be rich by working hard. , the money that comes suddenly does not bring you happiness. Another way to be azengin is to evaluate your money.

In addition, if someone under the age of 18 comes out and rich, he has no authority to spend his money on his own. It is not possible for him to play a game of chance unaware of his parents until he was 18 years old.

18 yaşım dolmadan nasıl zengin olurum

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