Which shampoo is good for broken hair

If the hair is not healthy and to avoid fractures, it is necessary to have a regular maintenance or to do it.

We should choose natural care to make the hair be extended and healthy. In order not to break the hair and not to lose its naturalness, the body should take the necessary vitamins. It takes the necessary vitamin from the bottom of the hair to be fed correctly and gets the necessary vitamin. The vitamin taken from the roots of the hair feeds the hair by scattering the hair. The most important element that causes hair breakage. The first thing you need to do in order to get rid of the fractures in your hair is to avoid blowing or pulling hair and hair straighteners. It is recommended that the shampoos used for red hair are not creamy and herbal shampoos are recommended to use herbal shampoos.

The most effective natural solution for the removal of hair fractures is olive oil and honey mask. Once in the week, you will be surprised when you see how your hair is fed naturally with the care of olive oil and honey mask.

Natural Honey Mask for Hair Fractures

1TTAT spoon of honey, 1yumurta yellow and a tablespoon of honey thoroughly mixed from the bottom of the hair to the ends of 20 minutes to apply for 20 minutes. Then rinsed with warm water, washed with shampoo once and rinsed again thoroughly rinsed.

Special olive oil maintenance for hair care

3 tablespoons of olive oil in the stove a little bit into 1 teaspoon of almond oil is added and applied to the ends of the hair to the ends. 30 minutes to wait for this mask is rinse with warm water. You will see the change in your hair at the end of the third week when applied 1 times in the following weeks.

Saçım seyrek ve kırılyo hangi şampuan kullansam iyi olur

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