2013 holiday days

Feasts are divided into two religious holidays and national holidays.

Our religious holidays

Ramadan Feast, also known as; The public holiday time on this holiday is 3 days.

Eid al -Adha; the public holiday on sacrifice is 4 days a day.

Our national holidays

23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day;

19 May Atatürk Commemoration Youth and Sports Day;

30 August Victory Day; Public holiday time is 1 day

29 October Republic Day; Public Holiday Period is 1 Day.

Bayram holidays depend on the workplace of the workplace where you work, some workplaces do 4 days while some workplaces do 2 days in the national holidays most workplace is open.

Feast holidays announced in 2013

23-04-2013 Tuesday National Sovereignty Children's Day

01-05-2013 Wednesday Workers' Day

19 May 2013 Sunday Atatürk Commemoration Youth and Sports Day

Wednesday, August 7 Ramadan Feast of the Feast

8-9-10 August Thursday-Republic-Cum Saturday August Ramadan Feast

30-08-2013 Friday Victory Day

14.10.2013 Monday Eid al -Adha is the eve of the feast

15-16-17 October Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Cuma Eid al-Adha

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 Republic Day

Bayram kaç gün

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