How can I get rid of acne and black spots

Especially one of the biggest problems of women acne and black spots.

We do not recommend using chemical cleaners and creams for acne, ie black spots. Black spots are the deterioration of the oil balance on the skin.

yogurt mask

5 spoons of yogurt into the squeezing a lemon juice thoroughly mixed around the eye without touching your face by waiting for 20 minutes after waiting for 20 minutes should be cleaned with warm water and lean moisturizing cream should be applied.

Oat Mask

You may have heard that oats are used in many herbal treatment. Filter the remaining water and mash the boiled oats in a separate bowl and apply it to your face for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. If you apply this mask twice a week.

Akne ve siyah noktalardan nasıl kurtulurum

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