How does the whale multiply and how to feed?

Whales are one of the mammals. Mammal marine animals are similar to mammal animals on land in all directions. Pregnancy time can usually grow up to one year. But sometimes this time changes in the form of 11-15 months depending on the breeds. Large whales usually enter the age of puberty after their 6th age and make puppies.

They give birth or mate at the beginning of the summer of blue whale. Large whales perform these activities in a wider time. They usually give birth to a single puppy. The size of the newborn whale is higher than the adult. The main whale is 9-10 m tall and the fry varies between 1-2 meters. Their growth is quick.

Puppy whales are born into water and begin to swim. They absorb milk from the main whale for a few months. This period can sometimes extend up to a year. Suction is as in other mammal animals. Puppy whale can absorb milk from the breasts of the main whale without mixing the milk into sea water.

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