How many hours can babies stay outdoors

Baby s are the most innocent beings in the world. They cannot say their need, but parents have the ability to understand what their babies need. Babies usually cry when they are hungry, thirsty, under the dirty or a place where they hurt.

How long to stay outdoors

For example, a baby should be taken out in good weather and should be provided with fresh air. Especially in sunny weather, babies should be circulated for at least two hours without being exposed to direct sunlight. The baby meets the need for vitamin D from sunlight. In addition, you can circulate your baby in the fresh air for about 1 hour. The air he will receive will help the baby to relax and sleep better.

Information that facilitates care of a newborn baby

_ _bebere should be checked frequently.

_Ebek should be done every day until the care of the care.

_bebe's clothes should be changed every day and should be ironed after washing.

_bebek should be washed every day when newborn.

_ must be protected from the cold.

_Bebebein bed must be hygienic and clean.

_ Never smoke or a smoking environment should never be inserted into a smoking environment.

_Bebebe's bottle and pacifiers should be disinfected every day.

Bebek kaç saat açık havada olursa yeterlidir

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