What to do if the baby cries a lot

The best way to silence an adult person is to understand what the problem of listening to him. To do for older children

One of you to come across you and talk without stopping, this is due to your verbal or indirect permission. Whoever the person will realize your request and understand your discomfort. But if this person is still a child, there is not much to do for this. So you should silence a child who speaks a lot.

Reasons for the silence of children aged 0-3 years

& gt; Usually when they don't want

& gt; When they cannot see the attention they want

& gt; When they get hungry

& gt; When their lives get bored

& gt; When the bottoms get dirty

& gt; If a place is heavy

& gt; If there is gas

& gt; If they are afraid

& gt; If they don't feel safe

If the baby is crying a lot, what to do is

Babies are difficult to understand why they cry when they first born, but over time their mother understands what they want according to the type of crying. Because babies do not cry in the same tone in every problem. Sometimes it cries cut and different melody.

Since he cannot speak, there is nothing other than crying, and crying is useful for the lungs of the babies. Don't worry about the baby crying. If not crying, you should worry.

Babies up to 3 months often cry because they have gas, their mother eats onions or beans if they eat, and the baby cries with gas pains. This decreases after the 4th month.

To remove the baby's base, then put milk on your shoulder and put on your back slightly on your back. Lean on your shoulder, caress your back without hurting and hit the tiny tiny.

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