What if I don't go to Friday

"If you need to teach children to worship, he should be red, if not enough to beat his son," he passes in some books, but according to the belief we live in this changes. Even if we discuss whether it is wrong or correct, this varies according to the belief and domestic relationships they have experienced.

It sounds strange to the mosque in fact. Our son does not want to go. On the other hand, if we do not do what our religion ordered us, there is a hell fire.

Do you think a father is doing evil by forcibly taking his son to the mosque?

No parent does not want to see the evil of his son, he is upset and upset. Even though his father takes the son to the mosque forcibly, his behavior is true. The child may not want to. He does not know his beliefs yet and may not be able to go to the mosque because he cannot live his beliefs. The father should tell the child again and again with the advice and teach why he should go to the mosque.

Perhaps the father wants to protect his child from the mistakes he fell in time, maybe he wants to prevent this mistake in his child because he realizes the orders of God from the creator. When you get angry with your father, the mother, the children who have no father come to your mind to give up a word to your father's self, there are children who can give up their lives in this world, you are lucky, do not forget it.

But the most important thing that the father should know is that what is forced to be taught to a child is never permanent. Instead of telling beauty. You need to show the right way.

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