Why is the cute cartoon forbidden

The Smurfs have been removed from the publication because of the propaganda of communism in the United States for a period of time, because each cute has a unique feature and all of them live happily from work. The evil sorcerer who is concessed in the cartoon was expressed as missionary to attack capitalism and the cuteness of the money for gold and money.

Two major factors, which are the symbol of communism in the cute, have attracted great attention. The first is that the lazy Şirin lives comfortably and freely like the other cutes without doing any work, and the second is that the division of the cultivation of the Çifçi Şiri with all the cutes has put this idea into a more acceptable form. It was also thought that he represented the feminism, fancy homosexuality, and a strong cute.

Teletubbies cartoon, which was released in the following years, is banned in some countries on the grounds that "sexuality is not clear".

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