How to produce diamonds

Diamond diamonds

long before the diamond processed as a flat round was dark. They took care to use as they usually found. Diamond organic chemistry formed with an excellent design has an organic chemistry. The unit of measure used for this powerful substance is carat. Carob is called karat. This is a nucleus, but since all the nuclei can be used as a measurement, it can be used as a measurement.

Nowadays 1 gr diamond 5 carat `s corresponding. At the same time, 1gr Diamond corresponds to 500 points. This is not much used in the elders. Self -Karat is spoken in the market.

The output of the diamond is recent date. It was built by Tolkowky, born in Belgium at the beginning of the 1900s. The light entering the diamond surface is reflected from the surface again by making a second break without coming out of the diamond. The cross -section is in funnel form. In this way, he designed maximum glitter. The ideal is said to be the perfect cut.

Let's list the parts of the diamond as follows. Table, Belt, cone

The aesthetics of the sections of the diamond vary. There are a lot of cut forms, for example, rounds, pillows, pireses, hearts, drops, marks, ovals ... in the form of a lot of ways can be produced in a lot of ways.

Diamond English diamond, French, Diamant is said to all of the languages ​​spoken in German and and in the Belgian. It is also known as the Tolkowky, the surname of Marccel, the inventor of the segment.
This has become the focus of attention of brilliant women. This sparkle, which won the appreciation of women, quickly started to enter everyone's lives.

It has become a ritual of marriage proposals. Previously, the diamond supply, which was very difficult, is no longer the same as before. In this case, not to take the real diamond.

It is very important that the diamond has a approval certificate. In order to avoid anything cheap in exchange for good money, you must see the approval certificate.
There are institutions that prepare these documents. Tell them we can list them.

Diamond Certificate Examples:

These properties must be kuntrol from the certificate. Diamond Document is described with everything. The color information of the cutting of the cutting is must look at all of them as specified in this document.

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