Is menstrual menstrual delay symptom of pregnancy

Menstrual delay is the first symptom for a woman waiting for pregnancy, but it may be a misleading prediction.

Menstruation: Women's uterus every month to stick to the egg to grow here, and if pregnancy does not occur, this layer is poured into the new layer and this is called menstruation.

If there is a matched egg in the uterus, and if pregnancy develops, this wall does not fall out, which causes the lack of menstruation. But it should not always be connected to pregnancy.

This may be many reasons for this delay. A specialist physician should be consulted for delays exceeding 7 days during menstrual periods. In addition, if you are very concerned, you can buy pregnancy control vehicles sold for a maximum of 5 pounds in pharmacies. It is possible to learn the situation in a few minutes using this tool.

Causes of menstrual delay




Hormones related problems


Blood Diseases


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