Pregnancy stages illustrated narrative.

The development process of the baby in the womb and a few weeks of embryo cells in the womb.

This event starts, there is a very long way in front of the baby, which is the first step of human development.

It loses its special pouch function in the body after approximately 8 weeks. This special pouch provides all the needs of the baby when the embryo starts to grow. Then, with the umbilical cord cord, he starts to feed on the nutrients he provides from his mother's body.

16. From the week, the arms and legs are developed. The eyes are still closed and even if the hands and legs have begun to move on their own, the mother does not feel these movements because these movements create a very small shaking.

24. From the week, only the lungs have not developed in the body. Due to the fact that the lungs are not developed, babies who give birth at the 24th week have the possibility of losing lives at 80 %.

He is still moving his arms and legs. Now he can slowly open and close his eyes. And sucking his fingers. Trying to adapt to the carefully prepared environment that surrounds it. Like all embryos, he spends almost all of his time sleeping and starts to dream.

That small and ineffective embryo is now ready to be born when nine months filled. In 40 weeks, only one cell turns into human presence
Within a few days, lungs and other organs will signal that there are hours left to birth.

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