How many hours of studying is enough

Studying at home shows differences in every period. Instead of studying at home in first and secondary education, you do not need to study too much when what you learn at school every day is repeated.

High school and equivalent schools to study at home and study plenty of tests should be solved. It is learned that a child in the first and secondary education should be taken at home for a 30 -minute break. It should be 2 hours in total. It should be required and a break should be provided.

Rules to concentrate on the course

1. We need to empty the inside of our catering.

2.Ders want to work

3. Working with Program

4.Ders to create an environment to work

5. Repeating the courses learned every day

6.Ders The well -ventilation of the environment to be worked

7.Planlı needs to work.

8.Ders not to be interested in anything else while working.

9. 9.Ders to do it again.

10.Ders to prepare a work plan.

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