A student who wants to be successful in school at school should look at the most basically pre -course issues, listen to the lesson during the course and take his notes. After the lesson, to reinforce the information he has learned, he must repeat and remove questions about the subject, and even solve ready -made tests, if any. All this is the most basic steps of success. However, the most important is the trust that it will be successful. A student who believes he will succeed will also show his efforts.

1. Student Working Environment:

  • The environment to be studied should not be distracted and noisy.
  • The course must be studied on the table.
  • The study desk should be regular.
  • Where to work, television or computer should not be open. If there is a topic that needs to be worked on the computer, only the subjects related to the course should not be looked at and the issues other than the course should not be looked at.
  • Table lamp should be used if possible when studying. Working in more or less light is not suitable.
  • The temperature of the study is important. It is suitable to be at 20-25 degrees at temperature.
  • There should be no posters and pictures that distract attention in the room where the course is studied.
  • Everything you need for work must be on the table. Book, Pen, Notebook, etc.
  • Water must be at the desk.

2. Weekly study plan:

  • A planning should be made according to days and hours for the weekly course work program.
  • It is appropriate to repetition of the course on the same day when the course is. It is necessary to plan the program in this direction.
  • It is also important to work on the subjects of the next day. This is also important when preparing the plan.
  • Do not forget to add lunch and free time to the program again.
  • In the weekly work plan, working hours should be as much as possible as much as possible so that the habit has been won.
  • The weekly lesson plan should not be included in the course. At the same time, it is necessary to add out -of -course activities.
  • After preparing the weekly course program, it is important to comply with the program. If there are places that need to change after trying the first week, it can be changed.

We share one weekly course program in terms of being an example below.

3. What needs to be followed while studying:

  • When returned home from the course at the school, the course should be repetition while fresh.
  • In the repetition of the course, the speeches that are not understood should be identified and questions to be asked for the next course should be prepared. Prior to the additional sources of the person himself should also research.
  • When being done again, questions about repeated issues should be solved.
  • When studying, it should only be focused on the lesson. For example, music should not be listened to while studying.
  • 45 minutes in terms of the efficiency of the study, time should be allocated to rest for 15 minutes.
  • Instead of watching television during resting, music should be listened to. Music will enable relief and collect energy when returned to the lesson.
  • While studying verbal lessons, working by underlining the important paragraph with colored pencils is important in terms of recording the scholar of memory.
  • Different methods should be looked at while studying numerical lessons and sample questions should be solved.
  • Since verbal and numerical lessons can be exhausting in succession, a dignified verbal lesson can study.
  • While studying, you should try to understand the issue and learn the solutions of the problem. Definitely not to work with the logic of memorization.

Additional advice

  • Increasing concentration should be eaten plenty of fish.
  • Every day, breakfast should be done. If breakfast is not made, the energy will fall during the day and it will be difficult to listen to the lesson.
  • The grades of the courses seen in the school should be kept regularly.
  • While listening to the lesson at school, he should listen to the teacher effectively without dealing with other things. Undaren issues should be learned by asking.
  • SCHOOL LESSONS SHOULD NOT BE HAVE NON -SUBJECT. If it was made, the der notes should be taken from classmates.
  • not only daily, weekly and monthly issues should be prevented from repeating issues.
  • Good sleep is very important. Sleeping late at night will cause the next day to be inefficient.
  • Fastfood -style foods and junk food should be avoided. These foods are harmful to the power of mind.
  • Plenty of fruits and vegetables should be consumed and the body's resistance should be provided. It should not be forgotten that a solid head is found in a solid body.
  • So much time should not be spent on internet and television.
  • Good friends should make and come together with them both studying and out -of -course social activities.

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