How to kiss

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Some mistakes made while kissing are shown in the following video. Close your eyes, be kind to your lover, do not make an effort to be leaning on the right or left, you will bend one side according to the course when your faces approach.

It is good for the lips to remain fixed and locked for a while at the time of kissing, do not escape immediately like kissing the hand. Especially for girls, kissing is a beautiful and harmless indication of love. Don't be afraid to kiss.

You can put small kisses on your lover's face while kissing, but don't exaggerate it, especially boys: Don't eat all the girl's makeup.

The English of kissing is surrounded as Kiss , you can find more information in foreign sources.

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How to kiss Illustrated narrative

Kissing is the event that takes place by contacting lips between girls and boys. The effect is strong because the lip is a sensitive area, kissing is the most romantic way to show love among the dear and in love couples.

To kiss, first of all, you need the appropriate environment, this should be among two people who love each other not only.

The environment required to kiss:

  • To kiss, you have to find a lover first, if you have a problem to find a male and girlfriend, read this topic first if you don't have a girlfriend.
  • It is a primary condition for kissing people to love each other very much, kissing someone you don't like is like eating a meal you don't like.
  • First of all, the environment should not be too crowded for kissing, especially if you try to kiss in a rural area in our country, you may encounter "Yuh" sounds.
  • You should approach the other person as much as possible at the beginning of kissing. It is best to approach by talking. Otherwise, a kiss is not given as a head in the fight. Be slow and calm.
  • The first kiss should be in the form of a short touch of the lips.
  • Closing eyes during kissing will increase the emotion. But if two people kiss while looking at the eye, it increases love.

Physical Status Required to Kiss:

  • If your mouth smells, chew a gum before kissing. Mint and fragrant gums are useful.
  • If you ate the same meal with your lover, no more smell is perceived.
  • Do not eat things like onions or lahmacun.
  • Make sure that the clothes on you do not smell, especially the smell of sweat can be a serious problem. Use a deodorant and roll on if possible.
  • Girls don't like the bad smelling boys, she's a more disgusting smelling girl.
  • If you have a problem (disease, etc.) in your mouth, do not open your mouth too much while kissing. A small and innocent kiss is the most beautiful.
  • Try to understand the feelings of the other person while kissing. If he wants to stop, you notice it and stop it, don't get a panacea to kiss even though it stands. It looks strange.

kissing moment:

When kissing, approach as much as possible as much as possible, especially the words of love that you will whisper to your lover's ear, both brings you closer and prepares the environment for kissing.

Touching your lover's face during kissing and circulating your hands towards his neck increases the taste of kissing.

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