What kind of feeling is kissing

Most people are curious about. What is felt at the time of priest.

While kissing the nerve endings on the mouth and lips are stimulated because of the heart rate is accelerated. In the event of a couples, both the adrenaline hormone is secreted. The muscle on the face moves on the face. The person helps to burn calories in people. Kissing is good for the soul as well as a useful movement in the body. It is useful to kiss with the person you love. Your metobolism accelerates your blood circulation increases and the body secretes the happiness hormone. There are negative examples. There are about 200 bacteria infected between the couples. In order to protect against these bacteria, care should be taken to the complete oral health and the full oral health of our partner. Illustrated and Video How to kiss you can also look at the topics.

We can list the benefits of kissing as follows

kissing couples burn approximately 20 calories.

Happiness hormone is secreted in each of the couples.

kissing strengthens the immune system.

Kissing provides the renewal of cells in the person.

30 percent of the muscle moves while kissing.

Kissing gives spiritual rehearsal.

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