Slimming Tea Recipe

The greatest help is the exercise necessary for the acceleration of metobolism. When the exercise is performed, the metabolism begins to accelerate.

The heavy work of metobolism causes the person to gain weight and difficult to lose weight. Metobolism needs to work in order to give the chur. When it is drunk from teas prepared from fat burning plants, you can lose weight.

Metobolism Accelerator Tea

Ingredients: Mate, Funda Leaf, Yeşilçay, Thyme and Rosemary.

Preparation: 1 of all the ingredients 1 teaspoon boiling 1 cup of water is thrown aside. After brewing around 5-6 minutes after brewing. >

Apple Metobolism Accelerator Tea


1 Piece of Apple

1 Lemon

1 rod cinnamon

1 teaspoon of black pepper (grain)

6-7 pieces of clove

2.5 lt water


All the material is placed in a saucepan and boiled until the water goes down to half. The water is filtered with the strainer. The remaining tea is put in the refrigerator.

Metobolism Accelerator Fruit Tea


4 pieces of lemon

3 Grapefruit

5 cups of water

2.5 tablespoons honey


Lemon and grapefruit 6 cups of water is put into small pieces. Water and fruits boil around 20 minutes to boil. Drink 1 hour after meals to be.

Metobolizma hızlandıran çay nedir

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