Why is wine forbidden

Wine is a kind of drink and is forbidden because it contains alcohol. All kinds of drinks or most drunkenness, regardless of the substance, is included in the notion of the Hamr in the verse and is forbidden. It means hamr, which covers the mind, damages the shu, and it is forbidden because people who use alcohol become drunk as unconscious.

Our Prophet; "Everything that makes you drunk is a drink. Every drink is forbidden."

Drunk drink to be drunk, a small amount of drink is haram in the drink. There are no forbidden or most of the haram.

Our Messenger of Allah, the judgment of Islam on this issue has expressed the following:

"Most of the drunk thing is forbidden ..."

O believers! Wine, gambling, sewn stones (idols), fortune -telling and luck arrows are devil's work; Stay away from them so that you can achieve salvation. (Maide, 5/90)

O believers! When you get drunk, don't get closer to prayer until you know what you say.? (Nisa, 4/43)

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