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What is CNC Router? How is CNC Router construction? Computer consists of the initials of the words numerical control. Computer can be converted into Turkish as a controlled drill. I call it a drill for understanding, but there are various machines that make cutting and carving.

CNC machines have a simple computer mounted on it, according to the information given to the machine by moving to the piece of writing, or cavities.

CNC Machine moves on X, Y, Z axes.

x: right-left

y: forward-back

z: down- up

When moving in these directions, the cutter at the end makes drilling and cutting on the object to be processed. If CNC is programmed correctly, any product can be prepared. Even wood, plastic, metal, marble can be processed with CNC.

You can see someone with a computer drawing CNC below. The wood cut with CNC in pieces was then intertwined.

CNC G-Codes

A system called G codes is used on CNC machines. After any 3D model AutoCAD or SolidWorks has been turned into G codes that CNC is understood by the CNC machine, it can be easily cut with CNC.

These types of programs used for easier use of CNC machines are called CAD-CAM programs, CNC Router In order to use the technical details of the machine, it is more advantageous to learn Cad-Cam software and go to the course. In our country, it is difficult to find only a CNC Course named CNC Course, but in many classrooms, cad-glass trainings are given.

The Turkish word (English) can be translated as a way to go. Router is the machine that takes that way. CNC stalls move on the X-Y-Z planes and it is very easy to use the machine after understanding the logic. However, CNC machines are often expensive because they are imported. In our country, there are some companies that are CNC. The CNC counter will be cheaper in terms of the price of the CNC counter, and you will not have problems with technical support. Even the buttons you will encounter while using the machine will be Turkish, even a normal element can use the CNC counter, but it is necessary to get training to learn CAD-CAM programs.

Machintosh machines (Apple brand computers) using Corel Draw is possible to produce two -dimensional and three -dimensional cut Gods with CNC. In general, the programs known by the name Glass are used in production product development business.

CNC Router Materials

All kinds of materials except the steel on the router bench can be cut, because the machine's own drill tips are also steel, when encountering the same material material, overheating or breaking.

The following materials can be cut with CNC: aluminum, wood (tree), PVC, plexi-glas, all kinds of leather, thick fabric, copper, rice, and other soft metals.

Diamond milling tips are used to cut more hard metals. For much harder materials, foreign companies are conducting laser or harder ends.

cnc router speeds

1 - CNC Router also changes according to the structure of the material to be cut. If it is rapid speed in a material material, it breaks down the material.

2- According to the material to be cut or chipped with CNC, it is necessary to choose the right tip, if you try to cut metal with a thin end, the tip will be broken.

3- G-Codes should be produced in a proper program, otherwise the CNC counter will make curved cut or the edges may be parasitic.

4- CNC speed is 1 meter per minute for aluminum as an example, while plastic can be 6 meters per minute. Even if your product delivery date has arrived, you should not run it over fast and damage the machine or the product.

CNC Router Reasons Affect Price

The most important issue when buying CNC Router in Turkey is service and spare parts service, you need to grow products when the machine breaks down and waiting for days to call for days will be the biggest problem.

1- CNC Maintenance: Timely intervention for service and maintenance is important.

2- CNC Quality: CNC body does not have to be too heavy. The priority is a must to be properly.

4- CNC hardware: The motor moving on the Z axis is at least 220V. 5.A, 300 hertz and 24,000 rhmades should be ceramic bearing.

5- CNC Sensitivity: One of the most important issues for CNC should not be a gap in miles and sles.

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