Do hair loss shampoos work

For hair loss, many care products, shampoos and care medications are natural hair cures that will reduce hair loss a little bit. Shampoos are not as effective as hair cure . A good shampoo reduces hair loss, but there is no shampoo that makes new hair.

Shampoo and hair loss to prevent ready -sold care cure chemicals. Just as we need vitamin minerals in our hair, vitamin minerals need. Hair strawers need to correct our hair, hair straighteners all have a great effect on the wear and improvement of our hair.

Each person's hair is shed, up to 80 to 100 pieces of hair loss looks normal by the experts.

A few simple suggestions to reduce hair loss;

*To apply the care cures you prepare for our hair during the seasons transitions.

*Not to change shampoo often to prefer shampoos that feed the hair follicles.

*We need to pay attention to our nutrition, especially we need to consume foods that we can get vitamin B12.

*We should stay away from alcohol and cigarettes.

*Hair styler avoid hair -shaped sprays like jelly.

*To give importance to foods that are protein while feeding allows us to provide the vitamin that our hair should take.

*Not washing our hair frequently, the fat produced by the hair feeds our scalp and strengthens the hair follicles.

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