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award -winning wines in Turkey and features

Ancient white wine

  • Dolca Ancient White Wine received the Silver Medal Award in Canada in the Selection Mondiale competition in 1998.
  • Grows in Cappadocia, Tokat, Thrace regions.
  • Simple, spicy cheeses, grilled white meats, pan fish, pan, frying seafood, cheese-vegetable pastries, hot vegetable dishes are recommended.
  • It is a drink that can be stored for 3-4 years.

Corvus Blend No.1 Wine

He won the Gold Prize in the 2006 National Wine Competition. It is produced in Bozcaada and Izmir. Red meat dishes, pastas with sauce, duck, hunting birds are recommended. It can be hidden for 5-6 years.

Corvus teneia white wine

2007 won the bronze medal in Gusto magazine. Bozcaada is also produced from sergeant grapes. It is appropriate to consume with great foods. It can be stored for 4-5 years.

dlc Sultaniye - Emir

France won a silver medal in the Vinalies International Site in 2008. Denizli and Kapodakyada Sultaniye is produced with command grapes. Simple cheeses, seafood appetizers and salads, grilled fish, cheese -vegetable pastries, appetizers, meals containing plenty of spices and appetizers, olive oil - hot vegetable dishes, green salads should be consumed. It can be hidden for 3-4 years.


In 2002, he won a gold medal in the National Wine Competition in France. Produced in Aegean Bögs.

Strong aromatic cheeses, fruits, caramelized desserts, milk and cheese desserts, ice creams are consumed. It can be stored for 3-4 years.

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