List of Dietitians in Istanbul

Especially the biggest problem of women to sit down and think about how to get rid of the weight gained as soon as possible.

Most people make a diet for 1 month, 4-5 kilos, but more, but when the day does not get more than the weight of the weight of the weight. For those who are more than those who receive a lot of education in Istanbul, there are many nutritionists and dietitians. Some of them are special and some of them serve as SSI.

The top ranking dietitians in Istanbul

Murat Topoğlu

Address: Abide-i Hürriyet Cad.

Phone: 0212.247.43.90

Selahattin Sönmez

Address: Abdi İpekçi Street Engin Apartment No: 17/1 Flat: 4 Nişantaşı-İstanbul

Phone: 0212.248.39.14

Nil Şahin Gürhan

Anatolian Side Address: Baghdad Cad., Saffet Apt. NO: 369, Floor: 1 D: 3 Şaşkınbakkal-İstanbul

Phone: 0216 478 66 02

European Side Address: Teşvikiye Street, Kismet Apt., No: 49, Floor: 4, Apartment: 6 Nişantaşı-İstanbul

Phone: 0212 247 73 85

Haluk fringed

Address: Bahçeşehir 1st Part Aşık Mahsuni Şerif Cad. Çınar 8 Villa 11 Başakşehir-İstanbul

Phone: 0212 608 00 94

Berrin Yiğit

Address: Valikonağı Caddesi, Ece Apt.

Phone: 0212 240 77 71

icon çıtak

Address: Abdi Ipekci Cad. Reassürrans Han2 N: 61 / Floor: 5 Nişantaşı-İstanbul

Phone: 0212 219 12 02

Dilara Koçak

Address: Valikonağı Street Pamuk Apt. NO: 133 D: 7 Nişantaşı-İstanbul

Phone: 0212 240 15 10 -11

Ender Saraç

Address: Yasemin Sok. No: 9 1. Levent-Istanbul

Tel: 0212 283 10 80

Taylan cluster

Address: Akkavak Sokak Halil Bey Apt. NO 31 APARTMENT 30 FLOOR 3 Nişantaşı-İstanbul

Phone: 0212 291 75 15/16

Gürkan Kubilay

Address: Kubilay Health Services Education Mahallesi, Kasap Ismail Sokak, Sadıkoğlu Plaza 5 Floor: 1 No: 38 Kadıköy -İstanbul

Phone: 0216 345 34 87/0216 418 25 74

Note: If you want to contact one of the above experts, please write down notes .telefon address or information if there is a changing dietician, please write down, we will change the necessary information.
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Istanbuldaki en iyi diyetisyenler

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