How can I avoid excessive work

If you ask the question of whether I came to work to work, you are definitely those who do not have five minutes to devote to yourself. If you cannot devote time to yourself, there is no point in your work or living. Working covers the most beautiful years of human life. Human son was spent in the most productive Age, that is to work to work, the age of the past energy is over and aged. You should take time.

Reasons to take time to yourself while working

1. Most importantly we did not come to the world to work, if you work excessively, you can get tired of working disease.

2. Take a look around you will see that the people who spend time for themselves are much happier much more friendly.

3. Depending on yourself means that you will have a well -groomed appearance.

4. A person who works means to take a break to life. You can get depressed if there are no breaks in life like breaks at school.

5. To devote time to yourself means downloading all the negatives that may experience 10 %.

6. It is to realize that you are not just coming to life to sustain business and family life.

7. Spending time causes a positive look at life.

8. People who devote time to themselves work more programmed than other people.

9. It causes them to be much more successful in their work.

10- Remember that there are situations that result in death as a result of excessive work. We don't want to be the hero of one of such stories.

If we cannot devote time to ourselves, why do we live in this life, life is very beautiful despite every difficulty. We have to live in the way.

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