Very charisma words

most charisma words;

  • The fate of white is dirty, the fate of black is to be accused.
  • The only sin of the devil was his love for the angel.
  • What if your name is hidden in me? After you have to smell it.
  • If the broken cigarette doesn't even smoke, don't expect love from the broken heart.
  • All people as meaningless as the teaspoon of sugar -free tea.
  • I may have lost you, but my manhood is like before.
  • My only legal drug was your eyes.
  • We are in such a world that is not livable, with a knife with blood with blood.
  • We were the man of the big dreams, we stuck with small people.
  • Let my brother live the happiness of the day, the tribes of the nights.
  • The grave stone is the event, your name is not missing from my forehead.
  • We could not be sweet children, we had a lot of pain.
  • You have a photo in my hand, you laugh as if you were gonna take my life again.

We are waiting for your comments, at least let's share the words you know ...

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