Will the dollar Euromu?

2012 If we look at the market data, the reason for the investments made to the dollar is low in the low case of the dollar is due to the lack of a long -term increase. He will see a maximum of 1,90 TL at long-term intervals, but he will have a cruise again between 1.60-1,70 TL.

However, if you have a collective money in your hand, if you are afraid that I will spend TL; You can buy dollars. When you buy the dollar, your money is almost no value, but there is a possibility of winning. Currently, Euro is progressing at worse levels than dollars. If the euro or if I do not enter with collective money, I recommend that it is at least 30kr from its normal level. The probability of falling is strong. Especially due to the Greek crisis, it is not a good investment tool at all at any time.

Dolarmı euromu

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